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Plasma Cutting
Plasma CuttingPlasma Cutting
Profile Cutting
Hawley's Engineering is proud to present our newest profile cutting machine.

Commissioned in December of 2009, our High Definition Plasma Cutter is the next step forward in profiling technology.

Incorporating the latest precision high density plasma technology, we aim to provide our customers with the same quality services, as well as the capacity to be more versatile, highly cost efficient and with an even faster turn-around time.

This combination of state of the art equipment and Hawley's Engineering expertise, provides near laser quality cutting at a fraction of the time and effort usually required with traditional oxy cutting. High Definition Plasma Cutting is designed for high speed, accuracy and large capacity cutting of material.

Specifications and Advantages:
  • Cutting Capacity: 3 to 25 M/M and over.
  • Large sheet sizes can be cut.
  • All Steel Grades can be cut: Grade 250, Grade 350, Bisalloy 80, Bisalloy 360.
  • Fully CNC controlled for maximum accuracy.
Etching available on all thicknesses and grades, which includes:
  • Permanent marking of letters and numbers on items as well as marking for welding set-ups etc.
  • High Definition Plasma can cut slots and holes, produce interior details with tight tolerances.
  • Less heat-affected zones and reduced dross formation.